Arihant Innochem Pvt Ltd

Arihant Innochem Pvt Ltd, one of the leading importers & distributors of top-notch specialty chemicals, is eyeing to tap the rapidly growing categories like personal care, home care, dermatological products, and so on.

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Venator is a global company that started as an IPO in 2017. Huntsman Corporation spun off its Pigments and Additives division and Venator became the owner of Huntsman’s Titanium Dioxide and Performance Additives businesses. The company offers products comprising a broad range of pigments and additives that add performance and colour to many everyday items. Venator is the leading producer of titanium dioxide in Europe. The company offers titanium dioxide with high levels of whiteness and opacity needed in the most demanding pharmaceutical formulations. With the ability to control particle size distribution, Venator can ensure consistency of colour, opacity and surface texture, while extending protecting light sensitive API and extending their shelf life.

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